2023, April 27

Introducing $JMPT Cross-Chain Bridges: Polygon and Celo Networks

JumpTask is thrilled to announce that JumpTask is expanding its services by introducing $JMPT  bridges to Polygon and Celo blockchains.

The JumpTask team is extending benefits to its investor community. Prior to this development, $JMPT was restricted to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). However, from April 2023 onwards, JumpToken holders will have the convenience of transferring $JMPT between the BSC and Polygon or Celo blockchains without any hassle.




$JMPT investors can transfer crypto tokens between BSC and the new chains using the www.portalbridge.com service.

The JumpTask team sees the recent update as a chance for project development. Through its collaboration with established entities like Polygon and Celo, JumpTask hopes to broaden its audience, expand its ecosystem, and draw in fresh investors shortly.

Keep an eye out for further enhancements and updates as they become available.

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