2023, January 30

$JMPT Staking Update: Partial Stakes

The long-awaited feature of JumpTask Staking is here: users can now stake $JMPT in small sums, resulting in a quicker reward collection and payouts.

At the end of January 2023, JumpTask released an update to its Fluid Staking, which allows everyone holding $JMPT to earn rewards passively.

Discover why JumpTask users benefit from partial staking and how the process works in practice.


How does it work?

Currently, JumpTask has three staking pools. These are Starter, Gainer, and Pro, with $JMPT entry requirements of 10, 100, and 1,000 $JMPT, respectively.

Up until now, users were able to stake only in the sums equal to the entry requirement. For example, after entering the Starter pool, $JMPT holders could make further contributions of at least 10 $JMPT or more. This would mean that users needed to wait and accumulate $JMPT before putting them into staking.

From now on, it’s possible to make additional staking contributions of any amount of $JMPT. Following the same example, after the initial 10 $JMPT stake, holders will be able to contribute 5, 2, or even 1 $JMPT to their staked amount.


What are the benefits?

$JMPT holders benefit significantly from an increased speed of reward collection. After staking the initial amount, users can stake JumpTokens as soon as they have a little amount. This allows for users to put $JMPT faster into the staking pool which generates rewards.

Earners on the app benefit the most, as they can stake small amounts of money to start accumulating gains faster. JumpTask always looks for ways to increase the earning potential for everyone, even if they have a little amount at the start.

Additionally, partial staking gives an additional layer of flexibility. For example, some people might prefer to stake part of their tokens white keeping others in their account, or withdraw.


What’s Next?

JumpTask is constantly looking for ways to make the user experience smooth and efficient. Therefore, there is another update coming to JumpTask Staking soon: Partial Withdrawals. Further flexibility is guaranteed – people will be able to withdraw part of their staked amount while keeping the other in the staking pool.

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