2023, March 1

JumpTask Monthly Report #2: February 2023


JumpTask has released its second monthly publication for 2023, which showcases the important events and milestones achieved during the month. 

February 2023 proved to be a fruitful month for the JumpTask team as they successfully launched their referral program, introduced new Galxe events, and listed $JMPT on the centralized exchange BKEX, among other accomplishments. 

Read the full report to see what made February outstanding below.

Key Events

JumpTask Referral Program

JumpTask’s referral program, which had been highly anticipated, was finally launched in February. The program works on a straightforward basis: you can invite your friends to join the platform and both you and your friend can earn $JMPT bonuses.


The bonuses work in the following way: for every earning your friend collects, you receive an additional 10% bonus (which is in addition to the full earning your friend receives). Your friend, on the other hand, will receive a one-time bonus of 20% on their first completed task.


To find out how to invite friends to the platform, please visit the Referral program page.

Events on Galxe

One of the notable achievements of JumpTask was the successful organization of various events on the Galxe platform. If you want to take part and claim collectibles, visit the JumpTask space now.


The Winter Quests competition has been extended until March 31st, which means that people still have the opportunity to receive NFT collectibles by completing simple tasks. Moreover, anyone can participate and win from the 8,500 $JMPT Prize Pool by staking $JMPT in one of the available pools. Please follow this link to learn how to take part and win $JMPT.


Throughout the month, JumpTask has released a range of other collectibles, including a limited-edition mystery box and $JMPT’s first burn NFT, which can all be claimed on Galxe. To stay informed about the latest news, be sure to follow JumpTask Space on Galxe.

CEX Listing

$JMPT has been added to the centralized exchange BKEX, giving investors the opportunity to purchase the cryptocurrency on both CEX and DEX PancakeSwap. This achievement is a significant milestone for JumpTask, as the CEX listing provides a gateway to additional listings, a wider investor base, and other opportunities for growth.


Key Figures

In February 2023, JumpTask demonstrated robust progress, as 261,000 new users joined the platform, indicating continued and steady expansion of its user base. Despite this growth, the price of $JMPT was slightly lower than the previous month, coming in at $2.16.


What’s coming in March?

March is looking to be an exciting month for JumpTask: Paris Blockchain Week 2023, new offer introduction, as well as more Galxe events are guaranteed. Stay tuned for future announcements.

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