2023, May 11

Partnership Announcement: JumpTask Introduces Valora App


The JumpTask team is excited to introduce a new partner – Valora!

Built on the Celo blockchain, the Valora app is a mobile wallet that makes it easy to purchase, send, and earn cryptocurrency hassle-free. And that’s not all: the app gives +12% rewards on balances you hold in the app!


The key advantage of our partner? All you need is a phone number to send or receive cryptocurrency with Valora, making it easy to transact even for beginners in crypto. No more long, complicated addresses – simply type in the phone number of a friend or family anywhere in the world, and deliver assets directly to their wallet.

JumpTask is constantly working to secure partnerships in the Web3 space as it plans to decentralize the global gig economy. This partnership with Valora is expected to bring new audiences to the project, both JumpTask users and $JMPT investors.


“Focusing on Web3 partnerships is our key goal of 2023. Partnering with Valora is an exciting moment for JumpTask: platform earners now have a new way to use their $JMPT earnings via the Valora app. This will help establish JumpTask as a key player in the decentralized gig economy and enable seamless user experience cross-chain.”

– Gintarė Rimolaitytė, VP of Partnerships, JumpTask

As $JMPT is available in the Valora app, JumpTask users now have an easier way to send $JMPT to each other than ever before. The simplicity of Valora’s partnership goes hand in hand with the JumpTask core mission: onboarding people from Web2 to Web3 as easily and efficiently as possible.


“With the launch of this partnership, anyone in the world can now earn money through micro tasks on JumpTask, withdraw to their Valora wallet, and earn, swap, send, or buy real-world goods directly from the Valora app. Together, we’re decentralizing and globalizing the gig economy by making it easy for everyone to access Web3. No bank account necessary – simply connect your phone number, and start earning.”

– Jackie Bona, CEO, Valora

Get started by creating your Valora wallet today.