$JMPT Burn

In 2023, JumpTask launches the burning events of $JMPT, reducing the token Total supply. This will change the tokenomics to significantly improve the balance between the project’s and the public’s token holdings. Additionally, burning is expected to drive the $JMPT value in the coming years.

Win exclusive 1-of-1 NFT

Participate in the first-ever $JMPT burn event and get a chance to win an exclusive NFT

  • On March 1, 2023 at 15:00 UTC, $JMPT will have its first burn event.
  • To participate, anyone with a web3 wallet can burn $JMPT
  • The first person who triggers the smart contract after March 1, 15:00 UTC will burn 39M+ tokens
  • The smart contract for the event is located at 0x712613204Ad199FFC0BCc6db9732f2C5978DfFa3 .
  • The one only user who triggers the burn event on BSC scan will receive one exclusive NFT. This NFT can be collected on Galxe after the burning event.
  • Find more information here.

Leading gig economy token

JumpTask ecosystem is fuelled by JumpToken ($JMPT). Micro freelancers receive all payments for task completions in $JMPT.


What can you expect

  • An increase of existing $JMPT value in the long-term
  • More sustainable tokenomics and the project’s expansion
  • Attractiveness for token investors and community to hold $JMPT

$JMPT Burning Schedule

90M tokens will be burned gradually from March 2023 to January 2025.

Quarterly token vesting will be accompanied by burning events, which will help to manage the overall token supply in a predictable and efficient manner.

How to get $JMPT?

Buy $JMPT from available DEX and benefit from capital appreciation. Stake $JMPT and collect an average APR of 20% annually.

Why are we burning $JMPT?

We are developing a strong $JMPT economy and project fundamentals, implementing adjustments to tokenomics when necessary along the way.

JumpTask had a working utility model from day 1: tokens are bought by partners and used for platform services. Additionally, we are positioning JumpTask as a real value-bringing Web3 project. Hence, we have no more need for growing token reserves.

Currently, the token reserves are 20 times greater than the circulating supply. To cardinally change this, JumpTask will use burning to provide more control to the community and investors. After the first burning event, the proportion of publicly held tokens to reserve will change from 1/20 to 1/1.

A decrease in the total supply by burning >90% of Project token reserves will benefit the community and investors in several ways:

  • Creating a more equal token distribution
  • Potentially growing value of $JMPT 
  • Increasing the project share held by early $JMPT holders by 20 times.

We aim to be transparent about future burning events and their impact on the token’s value. To create a more decentralized and balanced environment, JumpTask will reduce the $JMPT supply gradually until 2025.

Earn staking rewards using your $JMPT earnings

Passive income possibility in a few steps