How to earn

Your earning journey starts within minutes! Follow a simple three-step process to start collecting $JMPT.

1. Register to JumpTask

Set up a crypto wallet

Connect your existing crypto wallet or use social accounts to create a new one.

Connect to the BSC network

If using MetaMask, change to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in your wallet settings.



2. Complete a task

3. Get paid

Withdraw JumpToken

You can withdraw your $JMPT anytime. It takes minutes to transfer JumpTokens from the JumpTask account to your personal crypto wallet. You can learn more in this video.

Gas fee

The BNB gas fee is required for every transaction so it can be added to the blockchain. Eager to earn more $JMPT? Save on gas fees by opting for larger but fewer transfers! You can learn more in this video.

Earning money online should be easy

Add a wallet in 30 seconds to start earning!


Where do my earnings come from?
JumpTask has multiple partners who provide micro-tasks to the platform. Partners purchase JumpToken ($JMPT) to reimburse users for micro-jobs. $JMPT is sent to the user's crypto wallet when tasks are completed.
How do I convert JMPT to real money?
How do I withdraw funds to my wallet?
Why do I need a crypto wallet, and why can't I use PayPal?
How do I change my wallet on JumpTask?
Why do I have to pay the BNB gas fee?
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