Get Rewards for Staking $JMPT

Make your $JMPT work for you and earn passive income.
Stake JumpToken, which connects the $400B global gig-economy.

Leading gig economy token

JumpTask ecosystem is fuelled by JumpToken ($JMPT). Micro freelancers receive all payments for task completions in $JMPT.


1. Get $JMPT token

When signed-up with your crypto wallet, complete tasks to earn $JMPT or buy it on PancakeSwap.

How to get $JMPT?

Buy $JMPT from available DEX and benefit from capital appreciation. Stake $JMPT and collect an average APR of 20% annually.


2. Go to Staking Dashboard

Visit the Staking dashboard on the JumpTask app and select an available campaign.


3. Choose your stake

Choose the $JMPT token amount you wish to stake. Confirm the staked amount using your wallet.

Fluid Starter

Just started staking? This pool is made for you. Start staking from 10 $JMPT only.

Fluid Gainer

Already familiar with staking? Great, join the Gainer pool. Entry from 100 $JMPT.

Fluid Pro

Are you a staking master? You are in the right place. Pros start staking from 1,000 $JMPT.


Where do my earnings come from?
In the case of Fluid Staking, your earnings are automatically transferred to your JumpTask account every 10 minutes. You can also withdraw your staked amount anytime. Select the appropriate Staking pool and press ‘Withdraw’. Your staked amount will be transferred to your crypto wallet. In the case of Locked Staking, you can claim your earnings and the staked amount at the end of your locking period. Select the appropriate Staking pool and press ‘Claim.’ Your staked amount will be transferred to your crypto wallet, and staking earnings will appear in your JumpTask account. You will miss out on staking earnings if you unstake your $JMPT before the locking period finishes. The cooldown period will begin, after which you must press ‘Withdraw’ to collect your staked amount, which will be moved to your crypto wallet.
What is an APR?
Are there any withdrawal restrictions?
Why should I stake?
When do I get the earnings?
Why do I have to pay the BNB gas fee?
Earn staking rewards using your $JMPT earnings

Passive income possibility in a few steps