Get Rewards for Staking $JMPT

Make your $JMPT work for you and earn passive income.
Stake JumpToken, which connects the $400B global gig-economy.

Leading gig economy token

JumpTask ecosystem is fuelled by JumpToken ($JMPT). Micro freelancers receive all payments for task completions in $JMPT.


1. Get $JMPT token

When signed-up with your crypto wallet, complete tasks to earn $JMPT or buy it on PancakeSwap.

How to get $JMPT?

Buy $JMPT from available DEX and benefit from capital appreciation. Stake $JMPT and collect an average APR of 20% annually.


2. Go to Staking Dashboard

Visit the Staking dashboard on the JumpTask app and select an available campaign.


3. Choose your stake

Choose the $JMPT token amount you wish to stake. Confirm the staked amount using your wallet.

Fluid Starter

Just started staking? This pool is made for you. Start staking from 10 $JMPT only.

Fluid Gainer

Already familiar with staking? Great, join the Gainer pool. Entry from 100 $JMPT.

Fluid Pro

Are you a staking master? You are in the right place. Pros start staking from 1,000 $JMPT.


Where do my earnings come from?
JumpTask has multiple partners who provide micro-tasks to the platform. Partners purchase JumpToken ($JMPT) to reimburse users for micro-jobs. $JMPT is sent to the user's crypto wallet when tasks are completed.
How do I convert $JMPT to real money?
How do I withdraw funds to my wallet?
Why do I need a crypto wallet, and why can't I use PayPal?
How do I change my wallet on JumpTask?
Why do I have to pay the BNB gas fee?
Earn staking rewards using your $JMPT earnings

Passive income possibility in a few steps