2023, February 1

$JMPT Takes the Stage: Accelerating the Gig Economy Revolution With a CEX Listing


JumpTask is proud to announce the CEX listing of its token, $JMPT, on BKEX, a leading centralized exchange in Asia, on February 9, 2023.

While $JMPT successfully acts as the JumpTask payment system for a year now, it is also used as a tool for investment. Until recently, $JMPT has been operating solely on PancakeSwap: a decentralized exchange (DEX), where people could trade and hold $JMPT.

But now it’s time to reach new heights, with $JMPT getting a massive boost from the project’s biggest event of 2023.


CEX Listing

The major listing of $JMPT on BKEX will happen on February 9, 2023. This means that people will be able to buy & sell $JMPT on BKEX, a centralized exchange offering a convenient way to trade cryptocurrencies. 

Getting listed on CEX has many advantages for $JMPT:

  • $JMPT Turnover Growth. The trading volume of $JMPT will increase, which ultimately means that the value of JumpToken is expected to grow.


  • Growing Adoption. $JMPT will be introduced to new markets. Consequently, the growing interest in the $JMPT will support its long-term growth.


  • Liquidity and Speed. CEXs often have higher trading volumes and more liquidity than DEX, making trading assets easier.

The Impact on JumpTask

The benefits of listing on CEX go beyond the $JMPT adoption and value. JumpTask launching its token on BKEX serves as a significant catalyst for future growth:


  • JumpTask Platform Growth. As more people can discover $JMPT, the JumpTask platform receives more public attention. This means that more people are expected to earn money on JumpTask, which will help to implement platform improvements.


  • Accelerated Decentralization. The platform’s growth will eventually accelerate its development, which will help with the project’s transition into Phase 3 (Decentralized Protocol). Learn more about how JumpTask will tokenize the global gig economy.


  • Early $JMPT Holder Benefits. Existing $JMPT holders will benefit from the CEX listing, as the JumpToken value is expected to grow in the long term due to its increased turnover and adoption.

Important Dates

$JMPT is coming to BKEX on Thursday, February 9, 2023. Make sure to follow JumpTask’s announcements on its official social channels. Join us in the mission of taking the global gig economy to its next level – Web3.

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