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At JumpTask, we seek to revolutionize the microtasking industry by creating a global, decentralized network of opportunities for microfreelancers, brands, and advertisers. We envision a future where anyone, anywhere can engage in meaningful tasks, earn a passive income, and contribute to the growth of a vibrant digital economy.


We are committed to build a Web3 microtask marketplace that empowers individuals and businesses to collaborate seamlessly, free from intermediaries, with trust, security, and efficiency at its core. We strive to provide a platform that not only offers microtasks but also fosters a sense of community, innovation, and inclusion.
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About JumpTask

JumpTask is a pioneering Web3 microtasking platform which acts as a bridge, connecting microfreelancers to businesses and advertisers. In a decentralized manner, we enable seamless transactions and offer various services such as a global microtask marketplace, token staking opportunities, and a commitment to decentralization through smart contracts. All of these are aimed to foster a secure and transparent microtasking ecosystem for users and partners.

Our Team

Gintare Rimolaityte
CEO, Co-founder
Justas Vasiliauskas
CTO, Co-founder
Adomas Ronkaitis
Arturas Placenis
Customer Experience Manager
Domantas Stirbys
Partnerships Manager
Edvardas Buitkus
Marketing Manager
Rugile Kolesnikovaite
Partnerships Manager
Nicolas Nups
Tokenomics Advisor