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At JumpTask, we seek to redefine the micro-engagement landscape, leveraging our extensive experience and expansive user base. We aim to create a dynamic, decentralized network where individuals worldwide, regardless of their crypto expertise, can participate in meaningful interactions to help businesses grow. Our vision extends to fostering a globally connected community, where every interaction contributes to the growth of a vibrant digital economy.


We are committed to cultivate an inclusive Web3 engagement platform that empowers both individuals and businesses to connect effortlessly, without intermediaries. With our focus on user acquisition, retention management, and social growth, we strive to provide a seamless platform that prioritizes trust, security, and efficiency. Through innovative features and a commitment to community building, we aim to create an environment where every user feels valued and empowered to contribute to the ongoing evolution of our platform.
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About JumpTask

JumpTask is the leading open engagement platform on Web3. With two years of experience, our primary objectives revolve around user acquisition, retention management, and social growth. Presently, we boast a user base of 6 million crypto-newbies globally, engaging with 3,000 brands daily.

Our Team

Gintare Rimolaityte
CEO, Co-founder
Justas Vasiliauskas
CTO, Co-founder
Adomas Ronkaitis
Arturas Placenis
Customer Experience Manager
Domantas Stirbys
Partnerships Manager
Rugile Kolesnikovaite
Partnerships Manager
Nicolas Nups
Tokenomics Advisor