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JumpTask, the innovative Web3 microtask platform, creates $JMPT-powered wealth through the synergy of its partners and users. Invest now to become a part of it.
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Phase 1 - Completed

$JMPT Introduction

$JMPT became the primary cryptocurrency in the JumpTask ecosystem, driving transactions. This marked a significant milestone as JumpTask attracted millions of registered users. Also $JMPT staking was introduced offering one of the market's highest APR rates, up to 24%.
Phase 2 - In progress

Token Utility Update and Decentralization

A planned upgrade for the token utility to be released, enhancing its capabilities and paving the way for exciting innovations. This upgrade is designed to bring more positive outcomes for Jumptask users and partners, ultimately strengthening the platform's presence in the market. The commitment to decentralization continues to grow stronger.
Phase 3 - Future

Smart Contract Protocol

The ultimate goal is to provide Jumptask partners and users with seamless integration options for task offerings across various platforms, applications, and devices. This visionary step will empower them to use the platform in the environments they find most convenient while maintaining security and efficiency.


$JMPT powers our ecosystem, enabling seamless transactions and rewarding engagement, ensuring a robust and sustainable digital economy.
Acquires $JMPT to pay for tasks and services within the JumpTask ecosystem. As the demand for tasks grows, so does the demand for $JMPT.
Drives the ecosystem by offering tasks and rewarding users in $JMPT. This circulates tokens within the platform and fuels its growth.
Completes tasks and receives $JMPT as payment. This empowers users to participate actively in the ecosystem and benefit from its success.

Product Roadmap

  • Launch of 5 earning types
  • Release of $JMPT
  • Introduction of $JMPT fluid staking
  • Ongoing growth with 1.84M users
  • Initial DEX offering
  • Introduction of Referral System 1.0
  • Launch of Task Marketplace 1.0
Q1 2023
  • Expansion with CEX offering
  • Enhancement of Referral System 2.0
  • Upgrade of $JMPT staking
  • Initiation of token burning events
Q2 2023
  • Introduction of new payout options
  • Launch of cashback tasks
  • Addition of new passive income tasks
  • Continuation of token burning events
Q3 2023
  • Rollout of social media tasks (Beta)
  • Introduction of the Achievement System on Discord
  • Expansion with new earning types
  • Ongoing token burning events
Q4 2023
  • Rollout of social media tasks
  • Preparations for token utility upgrade
  • Website redesign
  • Introduction of new token
  • Initiation of private investment round
  • Launch of Task Marketplace 2.0 (Self Service) 
  • Release of iOS app
  • Listing JumpTask on Xiaomi Store
  • Rollout of P2P tasks
  • Introducing on-chain task tracking

$JMPT Burning

$JMPT Data

Discover $JMPT transaction history, token supply, and real-time market data.

Our Team

Gintare Rimolaityte
CEO, Co-founder
Justas Vasiliauskas
CTO, Co-founder
Adomas Ronkaitis
Arturas Placenis
Customer Experience Manager
Domantas Stirbys
Partnerships Manager
Rugile Kolesnikovaite
Partnerships Manager
Nicolas Nups
Tokenomics Advisor
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