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5 Best Crypto Podcasts You Must Follow in 2023

Oskar Kallas
Oskar Kallas
a year ago
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In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, staying informed is crucial. The landscape evolves rapidly, especially for crypto enthusiasts. That's where podcasts come in handy, offering expert insights, the latest crypto news, and tips on crypto investing.
Whether you're on a long drive, washing dishes, or simply eager to learn more about crypto, there's a podcast tailored for you. If you're seeking expert insights, the latest crypto news, or tips on crypto investing, we've got you covered. Each of these podcasts presents a unique perspective on various aspects of the crypto world, enabling you to personalize your learning experience and become a well-rounded crypto investor.
Moreover, if you're interested in exploring beyond the traditional players like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you'll find valuable insights into coins like JumpToken that are shaping the future of the industry.
In this article, we'll delve into the best crypto podcasts of 2023 that will keep you updated and engaged in the world of crypto assets.

1. The Pomp Podcast

Best for General Crypto Knowledge
Anthony Pompliano, fondly known as Pomp, wears many hats — he's not only the host of the Pomp Podcast but also a co-founder of the investment firm Pomp Investments.
Seamlessly navigating various topics, he explores everything from crypto investing and blockchain intricacies to the latest updates in the crypto world. These discussions include thought leaders, seasoned crypto investors, and experts, generously sharing their experiences and insights into the trajectory of the crypto market.
What sets the Pomp Podcast apart is its exceptional talent for simplifying complex concepts into easily digestible insights. This unique skill makes it an ideal starting point for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. From billionaires to cultural icons, Pomp's podcast delivers a daily dose of enlightenment, nurturing growth and knowledge. And as you embark on your crypto journey, don't forget to prioritize crypto wallet security – an essential step in safeguarding your investments.
To listen, you can check out the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

2. Bankless

Best for Exploring DeFi
The Bankless podcast serves as your go-to crypto finance guide, perfect for enhancing your crypto investments. This insightful cryptocurrency podcast provides diverse perspectives and, like others on our list, features interviews with crypto industry experts.
Hosted by David Hoffman, the Bankless podcast embarks on a journey to help you achieve a "bankless" approach — utilizing cryptocurrency as an alternative to traditional financial systems. David's expertise shines as he delves into decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto investing, providing a roadmap for embracing web3 and DeFi protocols. This podcast is a valuable resource, particularly for those venturing into the realm of decentralized finance.
With new podcast episodes released weekly, Bankless ensures you stay consistently updated on crypto news and insightful discussions. Tune in on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to embark on a journey of understanding crypto finance, DeFi, NFTs, and more. Elevate your financial literacy and embrace the bankless world of cryptocurrencies.

3. Empire

Best for Exploring Crypto Culture and Community
Empire, a cryptocurrency podcast, is led by hosts Jason Yanowitz, founder of Blockworks, and Santiago Santos, an early cryptocurrency investor. Referred to as a window into the "behind the scenes" of the crypto industry, Empire transcends being just a podcast — it represents a movement. Fueled by hosts who truly understand the power of crypto culture, Empire delves into the stories and paths of those at the forefront of the crypto revolution.
The podcast offers a unique perspective on the crypto landscape, delving into the latest crypto news and offering insights from industry pioneers, including discussions on crypto wallet security. With interviews featuring leading crypto founders revealing untold stories, Empire serves as your window into the inner workings of the crypto industry.
Catch the Empire movement on Spotify and Apple Podcasts for bi-weekly episodes—interviews every Monday and a recap every Friday. Immerse yourself in the dynamic crypto world, learning from industry pioneers and staying informed with engaging content.

4. web3 with a16z crypto

Best for Navigating the Future with Web3
The a16z podcast, presented by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (aka a16z), caters to venture capital enthusiasts curious about its role in crypto. It spans industries a16z invests in, from biotech to AI. Hosted by Steph Smith, notable guests include Mark Cuban and co-founder Ben Horowitz.
"web3 with a16z'' explores the next-gen internet. This show serves as the go-to resource for all things crypto and web3, discussing trends, data insights, and more, including topics like building passive wealth with crypto.
This podcast delves deep into web3's impact, exploring blockchain and real-world use cases. A must for tech-savvy crypto enthusiasts.
Episodes drop weekly. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to dive into web3's possibilities.

5. Unchained

Best for Keeping Up with Cryptocurrency News
Unchained, under the guidance of esteemed crypto journalist and author Laura Shin, engages in enlightening dialogues with influential voices in the cryptocurrency realm. From crypto investors to blockchain developers, the podcast covers a range of topics including regulatory updates, project insights, and the latest trends in the crypto space. Unchained is the go-to choice for those seeking a holistic view of the industry.
As crypto assets and blockchain technology prepare to reshape trust-based interactions, Laura Shin—an esteemed independent journalist—engages with industry pioneers to explore how these advancements will revolutionize financial services, identity management, and the Internet of Things. Discover how crypto assets and blockchains will redefine earnings, spending, and investments, along with the transformative potential of Web 3.0, the decentralized web.
Expect a weekly podcast release. New episodes drop on Tuesdays for interviews and Fridays for Q&As and the latest crypto news.
Ready to immerse yourself? Tune in on Spotify and Apple Podcasts for an insightful journey through the evolution of crypto assets and blockchain technology.


Looking for the best crypto podcasts to enrich your crypto journey? Enthusiasts, traders, and investors can't afford to miss out. These podcasts offer deep crypto knowledge, the latest updates, and groundbreaking strategies to enhance your trading and investment game. Featuring conversations with industry experts, they distill complex concepts into easily digestible content.
In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies, staying informed is crucial. These podcasts act as personalized guides, offering insights for both seasoned investors and newcomers. They provide wisdom for informed decisions, trend navigation, and exploring blockchain's potential.
Plug in your earphones and dive into the universe of best crypto podcasts. It's the most convenient and engaging way to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies.

Oskar Kallas
Oskar Kallas
Freelance Copywriter
A crypto genius who explains blockchain intricacies, he is also a quiet artist behind the scenes, drawing cool things on his computer and playing the guitar in his free time.
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