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A Guide to Understanding JumpTask: 10 Key Facts

Monika Ivanauskaite
Monika Ivanauskaite
a year ago
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JumpTask presents facts and figures of their 1-year-old gig economy crypto project.
In 2022, JumpTask was introduced as a gig economy platform that allows individuals to complete small tasks and receive cryptocurrency as payment. Despite the fluctuations in the crypto market in recent times, the JumpTask project continues to see increasing usage around the world.
Find below 10 key facts you should know about JumpTask: its vision & goals, size, partnerships, and more.

JumpTask user base topped 1.84M in December

As of December 2022, JumpTask amassed 1.84 million users worldwide. The platform's variety of micro-tasks and blockchain technology advantages were the major contributing factors to this growth.
JumpTask offers earning opportunities without any geographical limitations, unlike many other companies that operate on the Web 2.0. Additionally, through the use of blockchain technology, JumpTask enables users to save on transfer fees.

Decentralization of the gig economy is the goal of the JumpTask

The global gig economy is an enormous market; research by Statista estimated that it reached a value of over $400 billion in 2022. This refers to the economic activity of providing temporary work, rather than traditional full-time employment. As a result, the sector is heavily populated by freelancers. JumpTask aims to leverage blockchain and smart contract technology to simplify the relationship between independent workers and businesses, making it more transparent and cost-efficient.

JumpTask's business relies on a self-sustaining demand loop

JumpTask's model of operation goes as follows: businesses submit tasks to the platform and buy $JMPT to pay people for completing these jobs. Once a micro task is finished, JumpTokens are sent to the freelancer completing it. This creates a sustained demand cycle, as partners keep buying $JMPT for compensation, therefore, maintaining the support of $JMPT's price.

JumpTask operates with its cryptocurrency, known as $JMPT

The JumpTask platform is powered by JumpToken ($JMPT), a cryptocurrency created by the company. $JMPT runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be currently traded on PancakeSwap. The JumpTask team is focusing on getting the token listed on centralized exchange in 2023.

Multiple staking options are offered through ‘Fluid Staking’

The JumpTask platform features staking options, which allow investors to earn passive income with their $JMPT. Fluid Staking offers 3 pools: Starter, Gainer, and Pro. Each pool has its own minimum investment requirement and APR (annual percentage reward) rate. As of now, the APR rates ranges from around 16% to 36%.
Users can begin staking with as little as 10 $JMPT. Additionally, the pools available do not have a lock-in period or penalties for withdrawals.

There are 5 types of earning on JumpTask, with more coming

The JumpTask project provides people with $JMPT tokens as a reward for completing small jobs. Freelancers can make money through games, surveys, and other micro tasks. They can also earn additional passive income through sharing internet bandwidth and staking JumpTokens.
According to the project's development plan, JumpTask plans to add more than 10 new ways to earn through the platform, such as translation and app testing services.

Get to know the 3 key JumpTask team members

Here's who stands at the helm of the project:
  • CEO Gintarė Rimolaitytė
  • CBDO Adomas Ronkaitis
  • CTO Justas Vasiliauskas
The trio has experience in cryptocurrency investment and have previously worked on initial coin offerings, as well as on monetizing apps, developing websites and businesses. The rest of the JumpTask team members are experts in areas such as programming, marketing, and others.

The JumpTask project will be implemented in three phases

Blockchain and decentralization are relatively new and complicated technologies that take a significant amount of time and effort to develop. It also makes it more challenging to onboard new partners who may not be familiar with the technology and may need extensive guidance.
That’s why JumpTask decided to build its ecosystem in 3 phases:
  1. Direct Business: Identifying new partners, and supporting them through intermediation
  2. Marketplace: Giving existing partners more autonomy over their tasks, and giving users a wider selection of gig options
  3. Decentralized Protocol: Using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) smart contract templates to decentralize the global gig economy.
Currently, JumpTask is beginning to implement the Phase 2 of the project.

JumpTask has 10+ partners in both Web2 and Web3

The JumpTask team has established partnerships with various companies that supply micro-tasks to the platform. For instance, users can earn $JMPT through passive income apps like Honeygain. Other Web2 partners include Offertoro, ayeT-Studios, AdGateMedia, and AdGem which are micro-task providers.
Additionally, the company is working with Wizardia, which is a Web3 company, a play-to-earn app that features an online game with NFTs and RPG elements.
Other partners include global online survey providers such as in.Brain and CPX Research.

Monthly "AMA" (Ask me anything) sessions are held by JumpTask to engage with the community

To maintain transparency and communicate with the community, JumpTask CEO Juozapas holds live AMA sessions every month. During these events, users of the platform and holders of $JMPT can ask questions, participate, and collect digital NFT collectibles called POAPs (proof of attendance protocol). You can find all recording on the JumpTask YouTube channel.
Keep up with JumpTask's progress as it brings the gig economy to the Web3 realm. Be sure to check out future articles and AMA sessions on the official JumpTask Youtube channel too.

Monika Ivanauskaite
Monika Ivanauskaite
Content manager
The mind behind JumpTask updates is also a nature enthusiast, balancing announcements with hikes and capturing serene moments. Dive into the blog for scenic routes through JumpTask's ever-evolving landscape.
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