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JumpTask Winter Quests: 12 NFTs and 10,000 $JMPT

Monika Ivanauskaite
Monika Ivanauskaite
a year ago
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JumpTask is introducing its biggest $JMPT contest yet: a prize pool of $25,000. In 2022, JumpTask organized a monthly contest called Windrop, in which people complete tasks for a chance to win $JMPT. The rewards distributed during Windrop added up to $15,187.50. However, JumpTask is taking things to the next level and is giving away an even larger prize in a single event.
From December 2022, Windrop is replaced by the new JumpTask Winter Quests contest: here are the details on how you can win $JMPT.

Location of the contest

JumpTask Winter Quests are available on Galxe, a Web3 credential data network. For each completed quest, users claim a free OAT NFT. OAT stands for On-chain Achievement Token, which is a collectible token used to prove that a user has completed a challenge. Collecting weekly OAT NFTs also allows participants to win weekly $JMPT prizes.
It’s possible to increase $JMPT winnings: participants must purchase and stake $JMPT in JumpTask’s different tier pools. The amount of $JMPT staked will determine the prize that the participant is eligible to win.

Rewards for winners

1. OAT NFTs:
Participants complete 12 weekly challenges to collect 12 free NFTs! The number of mintable NFTs  is unlimited: anyone joining the contest can claim them until the end of the contest.
2. Weekly Prize Pool: 1,500 in $JMPT
5 winners receive 25 $JMPT every week up to February 28, 2023.
3. Staking Tier Prize Pool: 8,500 in $JMPT
$JMPT rewards vary depending on the amount staked:
  • Starter Pool: buy & stake 10, prize = 100 $JMPT (for 10 winners each)
  • Gainer: buy & stake 100, prize = 500 $JMPT (for 5 winners each)
  • Pro: buy & stake 1,000, prize = 1,000 $JMPT (for 5 winners each)

Eligibility for the rewards

To participate in the competition, all participants must comply with the following rules:
  • Register their wallet IDs on the JumpTask Windrop page.
  • To be eligible for the Weekly Rewards, participants must complete weekly quests.
  • To be eligible for the Staking Tier Rewards, participants must complete all 12 weekly challenges and buy and stake between 10 and 1,000 JMPT tokens.
  • To claim Free OAT NFTs, participants must complete the weekly challenges.

Advancing to Higher Tiers

Users have the ability to advance to higher staking tiers to increase their chances of winning bigger prizes. For instance, if a user stakes 10 $JMPT in the Starter Tier during week one, they can increase their stake to 100 $JMPT or 1,000 $JMPT to become eligible for larger rewards.

Duration of the contest

JumpTask Winter Quests will last 12 weeks, from December 19, 2022 to February 28, 2023. Weekly challenge winners are announced weekly on JumpTask Twitter and other community channels. Staking Tier Prize winners will be live at the end of the contest.
Make sure to join the latest Winter Quest to get your hands on $JMPT! Stay tuned.

Monika Ivanauskaite
Monika Ivanauskaite
Content manager
The mind behind JumpTask updates is also a nature enthusiast, balancing announcements with hikes and capturing serene moments. Dive into the blog for scenic routes through JumpTask's ever-evolving landscape.
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