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JumpTask Referrals: All You Need To Know About Friends & Bonuses

Monika Ivanauskaite
Monika Ivanauskaite
a year ago
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It’s finally here – JumpTask Referral Program is live. The team attracted over 2.36M members worldwide to do microtasks and earn $JMPT – JumpTokens. Now, the ecosystem just became better: users can now earn bonuses by inviting their friends to join JumpTask. Spend 3 minutes to learn how it all works.

What Referral Bonus Can I Get?

You get a +10% Earning Bonus for all earnings of friends. For example, if you invite 10 friends, who earn a total of $100, you get $10 passively. 
Additionally, your friends receive benefits, too. When a new person joins JumpTask, they get a one-time +10% Bonus on their first completed task.
The total bonus you get depends on two things:
  1. The number of friends: the more people you invite, the higher your total bonus will be.
  2. The number of tasks: the more tasks people complete, the higher bonus you get.

How To Invite Friends?

Follow these 3 simple steps to add your first friend to JumpTask:
Step 1. Go to our dashboard at app.jumptask.io and log in
Step 2. Select the ‘Referrals’ tab at the top of the page
Step 3. Copy your Referral code and send it to your friend!
And that’s all. After your friends signs up with your code and completes a task, you instantly receive a +10% of their earnings. Don’t worry – your friend keeps all earned $JMPT, and you get an additional 10%.

Monika Ivanauskaite
Monika Ivanauskaite
Content manager
The mind behind JumpTask updates is also a nature enthusiast, balancing announcements with hikes and capturing serene moments. Dive into the blog for a scenic journey through JumpTask's ever-evolving landscape.
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