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Turn your spare time into crypto earnings. Play games, take surveys, and complete other simple microtasks to get paid with $JMPT.

Our vision

JumpTask is a free app that rewards you with $JMPT for completing small and simple tasks. It's a leading open engagement platform accessible to anyone, requiring no special skills. With minimal requirements, it aims to provide the largest range of tasks, offering passive income opportunities for everyone.
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Microtasks, Mega Earnings

Whether you're a student, a stay-at-home parent, a freelancer, or anyone looking to boost their income, JumpTask offers a diverse range of microtasks that require no special skills. Take surveys, play games, or do quick 3-5 minute tasks – turn spare moments into valuable earnings.

Work from Anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, JumpTask is your gateway to a reliable side hustle. Shatter the myth that earning extra income is limited to a select few. Everyone deserves a chance to thrive. Earn while commuting, waiting in line, or during those small breaks in your day.

Learn Crypto, Risk-Free

Dive into the realm of cryptocurrency with user-friendly education. Grasp basics, dismiss myths, gain confidence for this digital landscape. Securely start your crypto journey by earning $JMPT through microtasks, no hefty investments needed.

How to use JumpTask

Step 1.

Sign Up

Register using your crypto wallet or social accounts.
Step 2.

Complete a Task

Select a task that interests you and complete it.
Step 3.

Get Paid

Get paid immediately with $JMPT once you complete the task.

Explore microtasks. Start earning.

Choose your way to earn crypto rewards. No skills or experience required. Start now!

Take Surveys

Participate in surveys, help companies improve operations, and earn rewards.

Play Games

Receive rewards with each achievement milestone as you enjoy playing games.

Watch Ads

Turn your downtime into rewards by watching ads and videos and get paid.

Share Internet

Share your extra mobile data with verified businesses and individuals to earn money.

Social Media Tasks

Watch your earnings grow by engaging on Twitter (X), Telegram, Discord, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Explore All Tasks and Earn

Trusted by over 6 million users

Has everything you expect from a side income app. JumpTask is a cool experience to get out of doing just clicks, haven't noticed any glitches or problems. All in All, I really advice anyone to try it out.
Nahom Abrha
Thanking the creators for developing an apk programme that allows me to make money without having to invest anything. 
Ricardo Nicholas
JumpTask is an excellent platform that I can wholeheartedly trust. It consistently delivers on its promises, providing a reliable and secure environment for tasks and services. Whether you need assistance or want to offer your skills, JumpTask is the go-to app. Highly recommended!
Farhan Ali
I am happy with the app so far. I have been paid for every task that I have completed, I have successfully made a withdrawal from the app.
Mbali Mathebula
Jump Task is the most convenient and reliable way to earn money effortlessly.
Yamai Jatau
Small tasks, real rewards
Earn crypto by completing microtasks anytime and anywhere.